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Work with us to not only take you overseas, but to protect you, and even help you find your new family overseas.

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Surrogacy can be a personal and emotional journey for a lot of families. It remains a complex situation including international travel requirements but can be a rewarding and fulfilling experience that extends far beyond the initial process.

Your Travel Expert can help you engage in the surrogacy travel process. Craig has the experience, commitment but above all else the understanding to assist you in travelling to your destination for surrogacy.

Emergency extractions from hostile situations

Your personal safety is of paramount important to us. We understand that matters regarding your travel do not go entirely as planned. The world is a challenging place, and should you find yourself in a stressful or hazardous situation, we can liaison with our partners in each respective country to ensure quick and meaningful access to safeguard your wellbeing.

If a situation develops, we can deploy a network of trained professionals who can negotiate and work out solutions with respected parties to ensure right of passage is maintained if complications arise.

Personal Security

Your Travel Expert recognizes that personal security is a necessary consideration. We work with specialists on the ground in the host country who are trained in risk/threat analysis. If necessary, we can organise close protection personal with advanced security knowledge who can study your travel itinerary, making detailed and thorough decisions to ensure your safety and wellbeing are met.

Nannies/ doctors/ nurses

Your Travel Expert also specialises in organising doctors and nurses who can be called to accompany you during your travels. These doctors and nurses are trained specifically to handle your care and wellbeing, to ensure you are treated with the utmost dignity during this important time.


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It is very important to have someone who understands your situation. Craig provides considerable value and is a person you can trust and turn to with your international surrogacy travel arrangements. Craig will strive to know your personal situation and the needs required to help you through this journey.

Once your new baby arrives, we can even arrange for suitable transport facilities such as on board bassinets and assist with proper flight arrangements.




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